<div class="title" id="title1">I'm Jonas Eltes</div>
<div class="sub" id="sub1">I'm a Conceptual <form><input value="" type="text" placeholder="">
</input></form> & Autodidactic Austranout from Sweden. Previously Google 5:er at Google Creative Lab, London. Currently looking to join a new team.<div>
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Interactive Creative
I am an Interactive Creative from Sweden working in the space between people, design and technology – exploring new ways of how we interact with our surroundings through technology.
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Visual Addict since 1993
Growing up in a house full of Apple products – I've always been obsessed with things I find visually attractive.
Berghs School of Communication
2012/2013 I studied Interactive Communication at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. Practicing interactive idea, concept and product development lead by some of Sweden's leading creatives and entrepreneurs. I received two scholarships honoring students that distinguished themselves and been a good role model for fellow students throughout the year.
Featured in Contagious
After graduating I was featured in Contagious Magzine's annual listing of "the hottest student and graduate talents" from the world's top creative schools.
Google Creative Lab
In August 2013 I joined the Google 5 program at Google Creative Lab, London. Google 5 is an annual program where they bring in 5 (they're not very consistent with this number – my year we were 4) emerging creatives for a year.
Personal Projects
I'm currently taking some time off to prioritize some of my own projects. Get in touch if you want to know more or want to build something togeather!
Let's build something together
I'm looking to join a small team exploring new ways of how we interact with our surroundings through technology. Portfolio available upon request. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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